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Voltage Regulating & Optimizing Terminal (VROT)

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Voltage Regulating & Optimizing Terminal

Utility distribution companies are often faced with problems of low quality delivered electrical energy to their consumers. The minimum quality for delivered electrical energy is defined by the IEC EN 50160 standard, and areas that do not satisfy the EN 50160 standard are described by the term GREY ZONES*.

*The main causes of GREY ZONES within existing grids are the constant growth of power demand, which comes from the addition of new consumer connections, and larger demand load requirements coming from existing consumers. The simplest and the most cost-effective solution for resolving GREY ZONES problems is by installing VROT-X-3(1) within these GREY ZONES. Our new innovative VROT units guarantees a solution with a significantly smaller capital investment and much quicker implementation generating a faster return on investments (ROI).

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All VROT type transformers are monolithically epoxy resin cast and dry, and are designed for indoor and outdoor installation, on pole or in pad mounted enclosures.

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