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Medium Voltage Regulating & Optimizing Terminal (MVROT)

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Voltage Regulating & Optimizing Terminal

Innovative, patented and economically advantageous technology in addressing Utilities and end users concerns about quality and efficiency of delivered electrical power.

First patent Method and System led to the development of the MVROT which is also patented. MVROT will address power distribution energy inefficiencies by providing improved power quality through the implementation of simple and cost-effective technology to balance loads, reduce losses, improve voltage at the load centres, add grid selectivity, eliminate loads in neutral line and harmonics in the system. CSA certified and field proven within Manitoba Hydro distribution grid. White papers on this technology's advantages and the executed pilot project confirming theory are published at CIGRE Canada Conferences in 2018 and 2020..


Main MVROT design was to address exaggerated power losses and voltage drops, but with its integration into the grids additional benefits are materialized. For full benefit list see table on the right. If you have any issues within the area of listed benefits, please contact us to see if this technology can resolve your challenges.

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